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July 2024 forum — in person and via Zoom

Friday, July 12, 9-10:15 a.m.

Location: 2075 Lookout Drive, North Mankato, Minnesota

Join Zoom Meeting: https://socrates.zoom.us/j/5012354036?pwd=SkIvZGdudVI1N0plS1FoZXVpMDByZz09

Active Transportation Benefits Everyone: Biking, Walking and Rolling as a Healthy and Environmentally Important Choice

Presenter: Cindy Winters of Greater Mankato Bike and Walk Advocates (GMBWA)

The Greater Mankato Bike and Walk Advocates work with city and county governments to create environments that make it easy and safe to walk, bike or roll for all residents. Greater Mankato has a great trail system around the community that primarily serve as recreation. But connections to the places where people work, worship and go to school is missing if we want to shift to active transportation. We work to help residents and key decision makers understand the many benefits of adopting street design best practices so more people feel safe to use walking and biking as a form of transportation for their health, the environment and the economy.

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