Southcentral Minnesota Clean Energy Council

How We Are Making A Difference

Who We Are

The Southcentral Minnesota Clean Energy Council (SMCEC) is a dedicated group of citizens, elected officials, business owners, educational institutions, nonprofit agencies and governmental agencies that share a passionate interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

What We Do

SMCEC actively pursues opportunities to promote energy saving technologies, develop the renewable energy industry in southern Minnesota and the use of clean energy, all of which improve the economic and environmental well-being of the region. Renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies offer opportunities for diversifying the regional economy and strengthening local communities through capital investment and new job creation.

Adopting energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies also lessens our reliance on energy resources from outside the region by enhancing self-sufficiency through energy independence. Clean energy technologies create a healthier planet for ourselves and for future generations by decreasing pollution and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

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