Regional Clean Energy News

by Boyd Huppert, KARE 11, May 21, 2019

Not so long ago, the idea didn't seem to have a prayer.

Electricity from the sun – in Minnesota?

Yet, perched on a hill at their Mankato campus, the School Sisters of Notre Dame foresaw a higher power. Several stories higher.

“This was our first solar project,” Sister Mary Kay Gosch said from the roof of Notre Dame Hall.

Gosch, the convent’s campus administrator, stands amid an array of solar collectors that now generate roughly $6500 worth electricity annually.

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By Tim Krohn, Mankato Free Press, April 22, 2019

MANKATO — Grad student Jon Richter opened the gates to a long glass tube to let water flow through and start to spin a plastic model of a vertical axis wind turbine blade as Minnesota Department of Commerce Commissioner Steve Kelley watched.

He and other students in the engineering lab at Minnesota State University are testing where to best place turbines on farm sites, businesses and other locations to get the most efficiency from them.

"With the energy demand, we need something else" beyond traditional horizontal axis wind turbines, Richter said.

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By Alison Durheim, KEYC, February 8, 2019

Last May, the minimum content of biodiesel fuel oil in diesel fuel increased from 10 percent to 20 percent in Minnesota, a win for soybean farmers.

Supporters say it's also been a boost to the environment.

"American Lung Association estimates that B-20 and B-5 during a year, have taken about 223,000 cars off the roads in the state of Minnesota. So, huge benefits in environment, benefits to soybean producer and gives us another market for product," said Mike Youngerberg, Minnesota Soybean Sr. Director of Product Development and Commercialization.

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February 1, 2019 | Energy

SAINT PAUL – Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Steve Kelley today announced new leadership for the department’s Division of Energy Resources, appointing Joe Sullivan as Deputy Commissioner and Katherine Blauvelt as Assistant Commissioner.

“I am pleased to announce this team to lead the Division of Energy Resources, particularly because both Joe and Katherine have strong backgrounds collaborating with multiple stakeholders to find common ground to move Minnesota forward with clean energy policies and a clean energy economy,” said Commissioner Kelley. “Minnesota has been known as a national leader in setting and achieving renewable energy goals. I believe we are at a place in our history where we must find solutions to combat climate change while sharing the economic benefits of the clean energy economy for everyone throughout our state.”

(Continued here. Joe Sullivan was a member of the Southcentral Minnesota Clean Energy Council Executive Board until he had to step away due to his new position. We congratulate Joe on his appointment!)

By Alison Durheim, KEYC, January 11, 2019

(NORTH MANKATO, Minn) - Some Minnesota lawmakers spent their morning in North Mankato discussing proposed policies for all things energy related in the new legislative session; everything from renewable energy to agriculture issues related to energy.

Short–term energy plans for the state and long–term questions for climate change and its effect on Southern Minnesota were hot topics this morning at South Central Cooperative's monthly forum.

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